so this is christmas…almost.

Chickens, I have never been so excited to see Thursday before.

Mostly because it means Friday’s almost here for us.

Which means 12 days of no work for me.

The 12 days of Christmas, if you will.

Which I intend on spending in any number of ways that has nothing to do with cubicles, project management, or conference calls.

It’s a wonderful life, is what I think about that set of circumstances.

My baby sister rolls into town tomorrow night for almost a week, which is also great news. This means several days of Palluzzi-togetherness, coupled with someone to boss me into getting ready for this child we’re about to have.

There’s nothing like a bossy baby sister to help you get it together.

Check in with me next week to see if I’m still feeling that way.

Up tonight: one more evening avoiding yoga class (I promise, Baby W, we’ll get back there tomorrow night), dinner with JW that neither of us is cooking, and trudging through a couple more meetings.

Piece of cake, chickadees. I’m skating right through until the holiday.

Enjoy this one, and stay warm!


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  1. I know all about the bossy baby sister! It came in handy many times. Xoxo

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