snow banks and the long crawl.

Morning, chicks!

The sun looks like it’s gonna come out today, which is more than I can say for yesterday, and so, I’ll count it as a win.

Even though it’s cold and I’m sure I’ll have snow to trudge through.

In years past, I have lived on a side street that wasn’t usually too treacherous.

Or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t balancing a watermelon-sized bump in front of me.

Either way.

This year, in our new home in our new neighborhood full of home owners, I have noticed that some people are good about shoveling their sidewalks and some act like they haven’t noticed the six inches of snow covering the walking path.

Those people, I have decided, are assholes.

A vulgar term, maybe, but you guys, it’s what I’m muttering under my breath as I crawl to the bus stop, hoping to not head boots over bump into a snow bank.

It could be the hormones talking.

But I doubt it.

Up this weekend: letting it sink in that next week I’m back to to the regular routine of five working days in a row, getting my house in order, and trying to stay warm.

How long until spring shows up around here, chickadees?

Stay warm out there, and beware the icy patches.


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