staying warm and listening up

So, you guys, it’s cold outside in Chicago, in case you haven’t heard.



My initial thoughts despite all the Twitter postings, forecast predictions, and live reporting was it won’t be that bad, it’s just cold.

I was then instructed by JW to stay home from the office and work from the condo instead. Generally when JW instructs me to do anything my instinct is to do the opposite (you guys, I suffer from the most acute case of stubbornness, and I know it), but he looked serious, and he’s been growing his beard out extra long in this weather, so he looked a little more intense than he normally does.

When I suggested that I just go in anyway, so as not to be perceived as a weather baby, he made a face sort of like this at me:



In any case, I’m home today, and JW reports that downtown is ghostier than it was on Christmas Eve or New Years’ Eve (despite his preaching, he still had to trek in), so I suppose it’s better that I’m warm and remote on this kind of day.

Here’s to staying safe and warm on this one, chickens. Despite the sun, it’s close to forty degrees below zero in the wind, and that’s the kind of thing we should all avoid, if we can.

In the meantime, I’ve promised JW hot chocolate or a pail of warm water to the face upon his arrival home, whichever he would prefer.

I try to be a thoughtful wife, chickadees.

Stay safe today!



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