getting there is half the battle.

Yesterday, chickadees, was a little bit brutal in the commute.

Post a long wait at the brown line station, I squeezed myself onto a crowded car in front of a woman who was fairly hostile about the fact that it’s winter in Chicago.

Join the club, lady.

I spent the first half of the ride with her sighing into my hair, as I wondered to myself what my chances of survival were if I slipped underneath the masses of People Who are Taller than Me.

No one can tell you’re eight months pregnant when you’re covered in 248 layers on a train, chickens, so it’s sometimes best to just stay very still and hunt for openings.

Luckily, I’ve gotten really good at throwing myself into any available seat, which is precisely what I did ten minutes later.

Was there maybe someone else who was trying to get their first? Probably.

But man, if you can’t beat an overly-layered pregnant girl into a seat, you’ve got speed work to do.


After making it to the office, where I was again among the living, I spent the day getting things done and then headed home to warm up, watch basketball, and try my hand at this Bon Appetit recipe. It was a crowd pleaser (and by crowd, I refer to JW, me, and our unborn child who doesn’t technically have a say but agrees with us anyway), and I’m definitely making this one again. It falls into the category of super-easy-but-impressive-looking (my favorite).



And now, here I am, half way to the weekend (sort of), and ready to tackle the outside, now that the temperature has risen above zero.

Ever so slightly.

Enjoy this one, chickens!


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