warm air and lots of celebrating.

Morning, chickadees!

Today it’s supposed to rain, but it’s also (more importantly) supposed to be over 40 degrees outside, so I’m highly considering wearing a bathing suit to work today.

It is casual Friday, after all.

Unfortunately, I doubt I could wriggle myself into any of my bathing suits at the moment, so that outfit choice will be saved for another day.

This weekend I’m organizing, kettlebelling (oh-so-slowly these days, chicks), yoga-ing, and having a baby shower, which will bring together all kinds of my favorite people to eat cake and laugh with me, and also, I suspect, will mean that this whole adding-a-new-person to my family thing might seem a little bit more real.

Having 40 weeks to get used the idea means it can be a little bit of a gradual process.

Having only six weeks left kind of snuck up on me.

But as mentioned yesterday, we’re winging it, chickens, and that’s good enough for me.

And with that, I’m off to a day of limited meetings, sorely needed yoga, and relaxing before a weekend of celebrating and getting.it.done. Enjoy this one if you’re warmer- we made it right up to the weekend, everyone!


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