moving closer in that direction.

We had a big weekend over here, chickadees.

Since the weather crept above freezing, I made trips to both yoga and kettlebells, where I realized I’m going to have to start kicking up pretty hard if I want to make it into a headstand at this point.

I’m having a center of gravity thing. It’s cool though.

Saturday, my mom and my bffs threw me (and JW and BW) a lovely baby shower, complete with all my favorite ladies and snacks.

Snacks are pretty important.



JC and Ky noted that while they both wore elements of blue in their outfits in tribute to our baby boy, they could not bring themselves to wear pastels and they hoped that was all right.

This statement is exactly the reason they are my best friends.

I would also like to point out to you that at this juncture, I am still rocking ankles, which is more than I can say for one of my RA flare ups.

It’s good to keep the positive in mind.

Our family from Michigan rolled in for the weekend, which made it even more fun, and among the beautiful things they showed up with, they gave me a blanket that Tobin decided needed trying out.



I think he’s slightly more on board with the baby than he was at this time last week, but I also think there’s a strong possibility that he now thinks my nephew Sam, also a shower guest, is the baby we keep promising him.

We’ll get it sorted out in the next six weeks, I’m hoping.

In any case, I’m now blogging from a room that was formerly known as my office, but is now essentially a baby warehouse. This little guy is obviously already loved, judging from the beautiful cards everyone wrote and the 8129 baby clothes and accessories that are piled around me.

Looks like we’re almost ready for you, buddy.

Feel free to hang out a few more weeks though- there appears to be a lot of assembly required around here.

Enjoy this one, chickens!




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4 responses to “moving closer in that direction.

  1. karla k.

    wait..wait..are you still doing headstands?!?!

  2. karla k.

    how in the WORLD are you staying balanced? i’ve slipped on the stairs several times—now granted i’m WAY clumsy but still 🙂

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