can’t keep me down.

Morning, chickadees!

I’m sitting in my office, which is swiftly becoming more baby friendly by the day.

I’m currently flanked by a new dresser and a crib, neither of which lived here at this time last week.

In fact, there is a car seat hanging out in the crib at present time.

It’s basically looking at me.

It’s a changing world chickens, but I’m going with it.

This morning, JW warned me that there would be no fruit for breakfast or lunch. I immediately accused him of eating all of our clementines, before I stepped into the kitchen and realized that the boxes from the aforementioned furniture were so numerous that they were blocking our back door, and coincidentally, our fruit basket.

“I can still get fruit,” I mumbled, mostly to myself. He looked appalled.

“Nicole (pulled out his big guns for that one, ladies & gentlemen), do not try to go back there!” he said, and then headed to work.

Five minutes later, I sent him this text:

fruit smile


I value my potassium and Vitamin C levels, you guys.

And I’m still small enough to shimmy behind cardboard mountains, apparently.

Now I’m ready to hustle through hump day, have dinner with my work pals, and get myself back to baby town.

Enjoy this one chicks!


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