I like to kick, and stretch.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to what is nearly the end of the week.

Which is reason enough to celebrate.

However, today’s a great day for another reason.

It’s my mom’s birthday.



Here’s us, sometime in the 80s.

Our outfits are awesome.

We’re pretty awesome.

We’re also maybe both essentially children in this picture, but my mom’s age’s proximity to my age is one of my favorite things about her.

My mom is funny, almost always right about anything except how to pronounce celebrity names (Is that Bee-yonce?), and basically the best role model someone could ask for.

She throws great parties, is a great cook, is a great friend, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Not taking yourself too seriously is maybe the most important thing, chickens.

In any case, I’m glad to celebrate one of my favorite people in a milestone year. Happy birthday, Mom, I hope this is the best one yet!


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One response to “I like to kick, and stretch.

  1. I love you Nikki!! We are pretty awesome!!! Xxxoo

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