tales of the weekend and rubber giraffes.

We’ve made it to the end of the week.

Which is amazing news.

Better still, I have managed to survive some kind of post-work activity after work every day this week without turning into a sleep-crazed zombie.

I’m glad yoga and the couch are my only plans tonight though.

Last night after work JW and I headed over to the doctor to take the way-whittled-down version of the hospital’s expectant parent class.

Which meant two hours of PowerPoint slides- but on the plus side, they served us pizza, and also, I know now when in labor I get to call my doctor and get to it.

I promised JW I wouldn’t hold out too long, since he heard that one of the Northwestern doormen has delivered a half dozen babies, and now fears the same for our little guy.

I argue it would be a good story.

I’m going to be overruled on this one though, chickadees.

We also had the good fortune of winning the door prize, which was a cute little Sophie teether.

Sophie is a giraffe. She is my favorite baby thing in existence and I am super excited to have her hanging out in the nursery.





Examples of my favorite babies with their Sophies. The top one is of Tobin when he was a tiny baby and not a tiny man, and I can’t really believe he was ever that little.

Sam, you better not get any ideas.

And with that, I’m off for a couple of meetings and one more day until I have another shot at getting it together and yoga-ing all weekend.

Enjoy this one, chickens!


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