filling up all those hours.

And we’re back to Monday.

It happens so fast, I don’t even stand a chance.

It was a productive weekend, full of swinging bells, eating bagels, namaste-ing, celebrating my mom’s birthday, and getting things ready for the next month or so.

I have become familiar with the sound of eight thousand onesie snaps hitting the inside of my dryer.

Also this weekend: a little quality time with all of my favorite kids. We spent Sunday morning grabbing breakfast with the teens and T, and after a sugar-filled and delicious meal, I caught him for one second during his restaurant run-around (note, we were basically the only people in there, which made this chase-and-run activity completely appropriate):



I love his little face.

Later in the day, before taking off with one delicious flourless cake on board to my mom’s, L&C stopped by, bringing my nephew with them, which meant another round of baby.

Sam can’t run away from me though, and seems more interested in letting me squeeze him, so I got in a couple quality cuddles, and also, a dancing session.



Please ignore my post-yoga outfit and hair. I was too distracted by how cute he was to think about changing into real clothes.

In any case, it was a lovely, productive little weekend, and now I’m back to the grind while JW has off.

Not fair, is my assessment.

Let’s hope this Monday moves us through it quickly. Enjoy the day off if you’ve got it!


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