opening the pages at home.

So it’s back to being a terrible, less-than-ten degrees outside, and I cannot say that I am pleased about this most recent weather development.

Also, it’s still somehow only January, which does not bode well for the rest of this winter.

If this is the way Chicago insists on acting, BW and I will be hibernating for at least a month after he makes his appearance.

I want him to love this city as much as I do, but it’s hard to do while crawling over ice piles and walking into the wind.

Speaking of loving Chicago, chickadees, I have recently finished one of my half dozen library books (they all show up at the same time, every time), You Were Never in Chicago.




This one follows a Sun-Times reporter’s life in the city, commenting on the neighborhoods, people, attitudes, and ever-changing landscape of the beautiful city that I live in.

It’s not about how Chicago is perfect- it’s actually far from it, covering corrupt politicians and shuttered businesses and the like. But it rang really true with me as someone who has made this place my home for over a decade, and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves the city.

It’s good to take it home in your literary adventures once in awhile, chicks.

And with that, I’m off to bundle up, hunker down, and get to the office in one only-slightly-frozen human.

Stay warm out there, chickens!


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