rides in and laying low.

And somehow, we’re already headed straight to the other side of the middle of the week.

Which is a very good thing, since it means a couple more days in the direction of not waiting for a bus or train while the wind tries to knock me over.

Winter is really trying us this year, chickadees.

Yesterday morning, I was headed to the bus stop, when my favorite pack of neighbors, the S family, waved me over and picked me up, saving me from the Irving Park bus and a long brown line ride downtown.

Also, there’s nothing like some time with a couple of teens and a two-year old pretending to be a monster (a scawy one! he insisted before he roared) on your way to work.

It’s much better than the annoyed silence of a million people crammed into an el car in their puffy coats.

Last night was one to get things organized, watched Michigan State pull out another win (also to watch Uconn win across the bottom of the screen- I don’t forget my number one team, even when they’re hard to find on television), and caught up on some much needed couch sitting after approximately one million nighttime activities last week.

Up today: one more peek at BW to make sure he’s starting to think about heading into the world at some point over the next four weeks, and the start of hanging out with my doctor once every seven days.

There’s nothing like a weekly, official weigh-in to remind you that you maybe ate more than your fair share of office cookies yesterday.

You win some, you lose some, chickens.

Enjoy this one!


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