keeping warm and out from underfoot.

This is one of those double edged sword kinds of days.

On the one hand, we’re crawling within spitting distance of another weekend.

I can’t complain about that.

However, NPR let me know that with the wind chill, it’s gonna be another blustery -22 or so today, and honestly, I’m really over this whole do I maybe live in Antarctica thing that the city has going on this year.

Wearing leggings under my work pants only makes me look bulkier than I already do.

I’d like to see the twenties, please.

Over here in my corner of the Second City, we have essentially taken up hibernating. It suits my current slow moving, rolling off the couch to get up self, and plus, it’s warm in here.

In our old apartment, during the winter the heat really only served to keep things slightly above the outside temperature, so to have no drafts ripping through my living room is really a welcome and balmy improvement.

I try to see the good where I can, chickadees.

And with that, I’m off to attempt to beat the high school rush to get on the public transit.

I find the teens especially terrifying because their numbers are high, and technically, they’re all bigger than me, and not particularly aware of their surroundings.

Trampled by teens on the Addison bus is really not a dream I have.

Keep it warm, chickens.


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