changing it up.

Morning, chickens!

I’d like us to pause to recognize that somehow, it’s even colder in Chicago today than it was yesterday, and although it is early, I’ve already been out in it, trekking home from the S’ house, much to the dismay of a small herd of pups who wanted to play.

Last night I headed home to JW, my two favorite teens, and three energetic dogs.

A slight change from my routine of crashing on the couch for several hours of television/reading/iPad viewing.

There were tacos though, and friendly animals, so I counted it as a welcome interruption.

Since the captives (ahem, kids) had no school yesterday, and have no school today (why doesn’t adult life work this way?), instead of homework monitoring, we watched Captain Phillips and ate ice cream.

In the case of Somali pirates, I really feel that merchant ships should carry full arsenals of weapons. I just think there could have been a lot of avoided strife.

JW and Austin mostly rolled their eyes at me for holding this viewpoint, but I think I’m right on this one. Put me in as Defender of Merchant Ships.

I then turned my attention to Bear, the newest puppy in the S household. He snuggled right up to where BW hangs out, and we spent the rest of the movie alternating between napping and watching.


A bunch of dogs and kids is definitely a good way to spend a freezing cold night in January, chickadees.

I’m up for round two tonight- try and stay warm out there!


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