heading toward what’s up next.

Morning, chickens!

And pardon the interruption, but we’re getting ready for a VIP arrival around here in the next couple of weeks, so things are getting a little crazy.

And in between things getting a little crazy, I’m doing a lot of couch resting.

Mixed in with a little yoga and snowy walking for good measure.

I’m still working under the premise that my 40 weeks of exercise might give this little guy an edge somewhere.

In any case, it’s keeping me from losing it, and isn’t that an edge?

I thought so.

This weekend was the kind where you run errands and watch movies and hang out with your friends and eat delicious chili.

I loved all of it, except for the part where the Superbowl was the least fun thing to watch on this planet.

I do not begrudge the Seahawks their victory in the least, but it would have been more fun to watch a little back and forth.

Says the girl who had no real allegiances Sunday night.

And now, college basketball, NHL hockey, the first two weeks of baseball season where I actually think the Cubs have a chance, and a newborn to see me through until football starts again.

But first, guys, the Olympics. I love that the winter Olympics coincides with my birthday- bring on the global competition and emotional how-we-made-it-to-Sochi stories.

I’ll be over football in no time.


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