journeying out of here.

Morning chickens!

I see that it’s not snowing, and for that, I am thankful.

This has been the kind of winter where two things have happened: crazy amounts of snow, or frostbite-inducing cold.

When we’re especially lucky, we seem to get both.

It’s been sort of a draw between which of the evils is lesser in this scenario, but due to yesterday’s morning commute, I was able to make a firm decision.

I’ll take the cold, chickadees.

I walked out of my warm, cozy condo and into blowing snow and sidewalks that most certainly had not been shoveled.

There is nothing like a nice hike through the side streets of Chicago to start your morning.

By the time I made it to the bus stop, I saw a bus headed my way, which was basically a godsend, as I had also noticed that earlier that morning the bus tracker was down.

I was not surprised by this.

I hopped on the overcrowded bus and took a painstakingly slow ride down Irving Park, which is apparently a street we are no longer plowing.

In any case, I digress. You can probably tell how this ends, with teens attempting to squeeze by me on the bus (I can’t be squeezed by at this point, you guys, I’m huge), and me basically throwing myself into snow banks and crawling the streets until I finally made it safely to my cubicle.

I proclaim the good news of today to be that it’s 3 degrees, but that the snow has stopped, for the moment.

I’ll take a hat over a hike, I think.

Stay tuned for confirmation of that.


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  1. Your grandmother will not be happy with this post. I will have her call you directly! 😘

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