flipping it back around.

Morning, chickens!

Today’s one of those days when I’m wrapping you into something ridiculous I’ve been up to for awhile.

I was a little afraid to jinx it before now.

So two weeks ago, I went in for my 36 week appointment, which is pregnant-lady-talk for checking in on if BW was getting ready to join us anytime soon.

I wasn’t concerned, since he’s generally been super cooperative thus far, and hasn’t even complained about the kettlebells, headstands, and excessive fruit eating.

However, we found out from the ultrasound that at some point in the past few weeks, the little guy had managed to flip himself over, and his head was now wedged up at the top of my abdomen.

Not cool, buddy.

My OB let me know that a breech baby likely meant a c-section, and if I wanted, I could schedule one. Most people would, she said.

We all know that starting a sentence with most people would… generally leads me to believe I should probably do the opposite.

I can’t help it.

Obviously BW gets his individuality from somewhere.

In any case, she sent me to a chiropractor, warning me that the experience might be a little weird, and told me to come back in a week.

What happened next was a week of the following bizarre activities:

  • Daily adjustments to attempt to open up my pelvis into a place BW might want to dive into.
  • Massage work that mostly felt like torture, for the same reason as the adjustments.
  • Acupuncture, which was supposed to do something. I can’t remember what, but it sounded appealing enough to allow someone to put needles into the top of my head for thirty minutes.
  • Moxa burning. This was bizarre. Essentially, a very nice lady who I wish was my friend in real life burned a stick of something outside my pinky toes for 20 minutes a time. Babies like this, apparently. And it was true. BW wriggled around every time we burned it, but it didn’t make him flip, exactly.
  • Really long headstands and all the downward dogs I could muster. Good for baby and me.
  • An exercise I like to call “icing him out.” In this sort of sadistic move, I placed frozen broccoli on my stomach, on the off chance that BW would hate it and flip around. He definitely hated it, but instead of flipping, he head butted me until I stopped. Smart kid.

When I went back to the doctor, she told me that BW was still firmly wedged facing the wrong way, and that we could do a version to try and turn him, but it only worked sometimes.

A version involved an epidural, two strong doctors, and trying to physically turn BW head down by pressing into my stomach.

I agreed to the unpleasant-sounding terms and headed back to the chiro for a couple days to keep trying all my tricks. One of the chiropractors, after listening to me vent my frustrations about my unborn child (why won’t he just do what I say, I lamented),  suggested that perhaps I could use some energy work to help me stop seeing the situation as a battle of wills.

I was too tired to say no, so I assented, and let someone lay their hands over me for a half hour while breathing out really hard.

The next day I headed to the hospital, was numbed from the chest down, and tried not to look while my OB worked on pushing BW into place.

BW was fairly cooperative, which was good, since babies who aren’t typically have to be born right that second, and you guys, I don’t own a diaper yet.

After two tries that looked intense from where I was laying, BW agreed to go head down, where he has (fingers crossed) been hanging out since.

Yesterday, one of the chiropractors called me to ask me how everything went. I told him, and he then relayed the following message to me, concerning my energy work:

Erin said that when she was working on you, Theo told her that he wanted to stay heads up because he liked the sound of your voice. He was afraid that if he flipped over, he wouldn’t be able to hear you anymore. Erin told him that he would still be able to hear you, and so he said he would flip over. This wasn’t in real talk, obviously, it was in feelings.

You guys, I can’t even comment on the above. I just needed to share it with the world.

Two weeks to go- me and BW are heads down until then.



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