the glory of gold.

Morning, everyone!

I’m hoping that this is the last bitterly cold day for awhile, since the forecast is essentially promising me that we’re going to climb above twenty degrees and stay there for awhile starting tomorrow.

Now what better birthday gift could I ask for?

In addition to working, organizing, yoga-ing, and spending lots of time on my couch these past couple of weeks, I’ve also been glued to my television since Friday, because chickadees, there is nothing I love more than the global competition of the Olympics.

So far this year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what a “twizzle” is in ice dancing, to check out this crazy slope style snowboarding, and to learn that short track speed skating causes me a lot of stress (speed skating is hard enough, why do we have to make it basically a contact sport?).

I’m obviously loving every minute of it. I love nothing more than sports, especially on the patriotic, global stage.

ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2007 - Day 4


That’s a pair of Americans about to throw down a twizzle, you guys.

Also, I’ve decided that I’ve missed out by not dedicating my life to becoming an Olympian, and have pinpointed several sports, such as the biathlon and the ski jump, in which I haven’t missed my age window.

South Korea 2018, here I come.

I’ve missed my chance to twizzle though, and that is just something I’ll have to learn to live with. The agony of defeat.

Bundle up out there chickens!


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