starting this rotation with a belly laugh.

Chickens, on this first full day of being 30, I’m also gonna have to be fast.

Can you believe that 30 hasn’t already made me more responsible and punctual?

Yeah, I know.

Yesterday was a lovely, lovely birthday, full of birthday treats like bagels + thai food with friends + flowers + pasta dinner made by JW.

Also, fun gifts, lots of Olympics, and one million calls, texts, and social media well wishes all day long.

And if that weren’t enough, the following two miracles occurred: When I left work at five, it was still light out, and it was also over 20 degrees out. Best birthday ever, all things considered.

Chickadees, I’m the luckiest, and I know it.



And now for a quick laugh before I finish scrambling around this morning. The reason I’m running late is because the forecast tells me it’s supposed to be thirty degrees today, which for this winter, is all but tropical.

I decided that this called for an outfit different than my current maternity uniform, which consists of black pants and some kind of top that is a) clean and b) covers the entirety of the bump.

I became delusional and decided that an outfit which called for both zippers and tights was a good idea.

Please laugh with me, you guys.

After about 10 minutes, I managed to wriggle into the tights, but had to take a break.

Yep, putting on clothes warrants a break at this juncture: don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

I then tackled the dress portion, getting caught in it several times and contorting myself about 100 ways before managing to realize that not only was the zipper slippery because I was covered in lotion, but I had managed to catch the hooks on my bra straps, leaving me in an impossible tangle.

I took another break.

Eventually, I freed the hooks, performed what can only be described as acrobatics, and managed to zip myself up about 80% of the way.

The remaining 20% is at the mercy of wearing my hair down and relying on my coworkers (and thankfully, also my friends) to finish it off once I make it into the office.

You guys, every day is an adventure.

At least today I had mine in view of a mirror so I could laugh at myself from all angles.

Enjoy this heat wave, chickadees!


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