racing down the home stretch

Friday Friday Friday!

I’m so happy we’ve hit the weekend, and while I cannot wait for the imminent arrival of our new little guy, I have decided I would like the next two days to get a couple more things done.

I know writing this down basically means he’ll show up in the middle of my errands, unless he’s decided to be more compliant after the Breech Incident.

I can only hope.

Yesterday, because I have the best coworkers on the planet (who keep managing to surprise me, despite the fact that I thought I was tough to surprise), I was treated to my second shower of the week, which meant even more cake, hanging out, and gifts for BW.


On top of that last night, my BFF JC hosted a passel of my lady friends at her home, where we enjoyed most possibly the delicious appetizer spread of all time, drank wine, and chatted and watched the Olympics.

So far, 30 seems to be just as fun as 29, so I’ve got no complaints.

Up tonight: one more round of birthday celebrating, involving fast food fried chicken, because that’s something I decided that I deserve one time during my pregnancy, and as you can see below, time grows short.



And with that, I’m off to make it through one more day of work, hopefully with a pre-indulging yoga practice this evening. Enjoy the above-0 temperatures and the promise of the weekend in front of us, chickens!


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