a few days off from the climb.

You guys, the snow yesterday nearly brought me down.

Literally and figuratively.

Luckily, it looks like it’s over for the present, and I’m looking forward to nearly 40 degree weather, even if logically, I know that it means that I’ll likely need a kayak of some sort to get to the hospital, should this baby show up this week.

At least he didn’t decide to show up last night- I basically spent the commute climbing over what can only be referred to as straight up snow mountains, when you’re 5’2″ and pregnant.

The important part is that we made it, chickadees. Slow and steady wins the commute, it turns out.

Up today: another day full of meetings and random phone calls, e-mails, and notes jotted down so I don’t forget something crucial in my absence, even though I know it’s likely impossible that I will remember everything and am just working on making peace with that.

Also more Olympics, because I obviously can’t get enough.

Who knew how psyched I could get about twizzles and bobsledding?

Enjoy this one, especially if it’s heating up where you are today, chickens!




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2 responses to “a few days off from the climb.

  1. It’s all about the twizzle…

    Also, this morning I was like, “hmmm… seems nice out, I’ll just wait outside for the train instead of inside the station”. Warm = 21 degrees.

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