taking it cover to cover.

Due to the fact that I have spent the majority of this week either working or reclining, I seem to have gotten out of sync, and for some reason, just spent the last hour thinking that it was Thursday.

Well, that’s a bummer.

Luckily, I have DVR (you guys, the Walking Dead is too much for me lately), and the Olympics to keep me entertained for the next few days.

Also, an extensive library book hold list which seems to have come to fruition (maybe I’ll still love reading when I’m bleary eyed and exhausted? I hope so!). I’ve finally got The Goldfinch coming to me, after the longest waiting period of all time.

Speaking of books, my incredibly thoughtful and sweet coworker S showed up the other day with a giant bagful of gifts for BW, including a huge stack of baby reading material that I am, of course, obsessed with.



This is only a small sampling, since I couldn’t actually fit them all in one shot, but it’s important to start off with an understanding of the classics, if you ask me.

I’m sure BW will feel the same, when he decides to make his entrance.

And now I’m off to battle what I’ve been told is an icy commute- here’s to slow steps and sunshine today, chickadees.




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