walking into a wet one.

I am utterly opposed to the notion that I had  to wash my hair this morning only to go walk outside into the rain.

It seems pretty much like I should skip blow drying it, but I’m hesitant to give myself the mark of crazier-looking pregnant lady.

Luckily, I have a new umbrella to bust out of its packaging, which likely means it doesn’t have any holes in it.

Your umbrellas don’t have holes in them?

Consider yourself capable of being true adults.

Last night I started a walking campaign, not because I need BW to be born right this second, but just to coax him along in the next few days, you know, if he feels like it might be a good time to make an appearance.

The next few days will reveal if he’s as punctual as his father, or as late-ish as his mother.

We should have known that with our respective gene pools, our chances for an early baby were low.

Also up today: blissfully few meetings aside from one long corporate one with lots of slides, the snow (hopefully) all washing away, and the real possibility that the likely flooding will cause me to ride home standing on two logs as if I am Paul Bunyan.

Or maybe I’ll just take the el.

In any case, good luck staying dry and warm out there, chickadees. Enjoy the air temperature, if you’re hanging in the Second City today.



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One response to “walking into a wet one.

  1. My umbrellas don’t have holes in them because I lose them too fast for it to happen. It’s in the budget that Amy will lose no less than two a year…

    Happy Walking!

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