next up: a couple of big ones.

Chickadees, we’re having all kinds of crazy weather this week.

Snow, rain, thundersnow, wind, fog, ice, it’s interesting over here.

Is it spring yet?

Today’s a big day for a couple reasons.

#1: It is my official due date, although I have the sneaking suspicion that BW has a couple of days before he makes his appearance. Luckily for him, tomorrow’s the weekend, and so I won’t hold it against him.


My not-so-secret hope is that I’ll go into the doctor’s today and they’ll magically reveal that I’m about ready to give birth and maybe just haven’t noticed.

Likely though, the nurse will just weigh me again and say “Let’s take a little off because you have your boots on.”

I’ve been wearing my boots the last ten weeks of appointments, but I take what I can get.

#2: Today is official LM’s last day at SB, which is bittersweet for all kinds of reasons and also snuck right up on me because this has been one crazy week.

LM and I have worked together for just about seven years, making our every day interactions and our friendship almost as long as high school and college combined.

Scary or endearing? I’m not sure which it is, but it’s a long time.

LM’s onto bigger and better things in her next journey, which luckily isn’t too far- this means I don’t expect this particular move to affect our friendship one iota.

Also, she picked a convenient time to make her exit, since I wouldn’t be around for the next 12 weeks anyway- it’s making things slightly less painful.

In any case, LM, thanks for making work a place where, if nothing else, is a building where I’ve had good friends and someone to laugh with for the last three quarters of a decade. I’m excited for your next venture and for a new scene of lunch spots to explore.



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