three’s company

Morning, chickens!

We’re having a relaxing morning over here, since all of our visitors left for California and Michigan yesterday, leaving the three of us to our own devices on this cold Tuesday AM.

It was incredibly lucky that Theo had the chance to meet all his grandparents and aunts and uncles so quickly, and we were a little sad to see everyone pack up and head out.



JW has the rest of this week off, so we have plans to lounge, relax, watch terrible television, eat all of the delicious food that our friends and family have dropped off, and continue to be amazed that we get to hang out with this little guy for the rest of our lives. 

It’s obviously turning me into a much more gushy human than I was one week and one day ago, but I’m okay with that. How can I not, when I wake up to this little seahorse-capped face?




We’re enjoying this one, chickens. Stay warm out there- Spring is on its (eventual) way!


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