losing your shirt.

Since what I’m currently doing with my time is exclusively hanging out with Theo and JW, most of my stories for the next few weeks will likely center around that little slice of my universe.

Hopefully, this will still be an entertaining way to write about my life.

Last week, we took Theo for his first doctor’s appointment. We were running late, so I was stressed, but we made it there with two seconds to spare, so as I entered the exam room, I had just started to stop anxiety sweating over being shunned by our new practice.

A nurse came in and took Theo’s temperature, and proclaimed it a tiny bit cooler than they’d like. I nodded, because obviously I know nothing, and had no idea what this meant. The nurse suggested we spend a couple of minutes warming the baby up, and encouraged a little skin to skin contact.

I glanced at JW, and told him I thought he should go for it, since he’s got more surface area to work with than I do.

And that, chickens, is how my husband ended up shirtless at the pediatrician’s office.

It of course gets more awkward.

After fifteen minutes of Theo happily nesting in his dad’s chest, the nurse came back and let us know he was still just under the temperature that they use as their standard.

This time she looked at me and let me know that feeding him would probably warm him up.

Which is how I ended up shirtless at the pediatrician’s office.

In the end, Theo warmed up, was proclaimed the picture of health, and JW and I redressed ourselves and took our bundled up baby home.

It’s good to keep things interesting, chickens. It keeps us laughing over here.



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  1. karla k.

    ha ha…can’t even begin to tell you how much this makes me laugh as I’m usually the one to knock on the door and awkwardly interact with the parents. 🙂

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