thumbing through pages

Morning, chickens!

Over here at Casa Palluzzi-Wagenschutz, we’re catching up on sleep and binge-watching How I Met Your Mother, since I have somehow gone the last several years without watching any of it.

Don’t judge me, just be glad I’m catching up.

Aside from staring at our baby (really, you can’t help it), entertaining Theo’s admirers, and eating our bounty of delicious food sent from our friends and family, I’ve been furiously trying to finish a book before it’s due at the library.

My friends all told me that I should pick up The Goldfinchwhich everyone keeps talking about. The library finally delivered it into my paws a couple days before my due date, and despite no one being able to really tell me what it was about, I was assured that I would love it, and so I spent a few hours, including my first night of contractions, reading a book about a teenager who loses his mother tragically and ends up on all sorts of (fairly terrible but also exciting) adventures.


Bonus points because the main character of the book is named Theo.

However, I hope my Theo keeps himself out of these kinds of adventures in his teenage years.

He’s focused on the storybook genre for now, anyway.


In any case, if length doesn’t scare you (this one is about eight hundred pages, but it moves, fast, even for a sleep-deprived new mom), I’d suggest picking it up. It’s a good story, it changes pace quickly, and it’s very well-written.

Enjoy this sunshine, chickens, Spring is on its way, I know it.



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2 responses to “thumbing through pages

  1. Damn the suburban library system! I’m 20th in the hold line. 20th! However, yes, I reserved the book bc I had no clue what it was about, yet everyone who has read it or reviewed it has fallen in love. I’m excited to see what’s up.

    What a cutie-pa-tootie!

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