tearing through titles one day at a time

So yesterday was the first of many Theo-NP days home alone, and chickens, I am here to say that the piglet (nicknamed for his inability to eat without snorting) and I survived the day.

I still don’t know how to take a nap.

One thing at a time.

I spent the day watching Roseanne (you know, for tips on how to be hilarious and in poverty, now that we have a kid- a field study, if we want to be formal about it), making lists, organizing spreadsheets, reading, and running around doing errands when Theo gave me a break by doing this:



We also took a walk to meet JW after work- might as well get our steps in before the snow starts up again (note: I am hoping that the snow is not actually starting up again).

Up today: making a dent in my library books (on my shelf: Labor Day, After Her, and Tiny beautiful things : advice on love and life from Dear Sugar), holding Theo as long as he lets me, and trying to figure out what other pieces of our life that I can organize into a Google document.

Spring can’t come fast enough for us over here, chickadees.



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