fighting naps and keeping lists

Morning, chickens!

I’m a little late this morning, due to a child who has decided 2.5 weeks old is the appropriate age to fight naps.

photo (3)


Another battle of wills, but again, I’m bigger than him, and also the Mom, so I think I’ll probably win this round.

Let’s hope so, anyway.

Up today: I use the power of my brain only to will the snow to melt so I can go outside with T someday soon, and in the meantime, make up a few more tasks aside from hanging with my baby and deciding what delicious freezer meal to pull out next.

My sister suggested mass reorganization of my wardrobe and closets as a useful activity to do while on maternity leave, but I’m not quite out of bad television yet, and I’m essentially the worst organizer of all time. However, I fear it will come to the point of organization in the next few weeks.

Plus, eventually I’m gonna leave the house and that means I’ll have to find all the clothes I used to wear before I hauled Theo around for nearly ten months.

Until then, yoga pants are my best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s hope it warms up, chickadees!



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