baby in the bar

Morning chickens!

Today is poised to be an excellent day, for the following reasons: the weather is supposed to hit fifty degrees, it is a voting day (I like my civic duty, you guys), my baby has slept long enough that I was able to shower without having to run around half dressed, assuring Theo that I haven’t left him AND also get a cup of coffee, and last night, JW and I slept.

Today is a beautiful day.

Yesterday, JW and I were both home, which was a good thing, since yesterday was the kind of day that occurs after a night of essentially no sleep, which I cannot recommend for anyone.

This meant that we basically laid around on the couch and then got up to run errands as essentially zombie people.

Costco on a night of no sleep is an interesting proposition, chickens.

Eventually though, since it was St. Patrick’s Day, and we thought it was important to celebrate, we made our way to Finley Dunne’s, our favorite bar, so that Theo could properly observe his first St. Patrick’s Day.

Again, he’s mostly Irish, so it’s important that he observe his heritage’s traditions.

Also, yes, after only three weeks it is evident that I am the kind of mom who takes her baby to the bar, but you know what, I can live with that.

We walked T over in his stroller, headed in, and enjoyed a couple of Guinness pints with JC & CC while the baby took a nap.

Our regular bartender, N, came up to us, said congratulations, and noted, “This is certainly different than last year” and paused.

The pause was long enough for me to remember that last year’s festivities included me stealing several signs from the bathroom and perhaps swearing at the aforementioned favorite bartender repeatedly for nothing at all while JW came in from studying to find me in a state of being over-served green beer.

Thank you Theo, for making me behave like a civilized human.



The owner came over to chat with us, tell us how great babies are (the miracle you can never explain, he said as he admired T and told us about his kids), and let us know that T is the youngest patron to grace Finley’s, which called for the above picture and a place on their Facebook page.

Don’t say I never was a cool mom, Theo.

And with that, I’m off to start this one off. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!


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