winning this day

Morning, chickens!

I skipped yesterday, because quite honesty, yesterday was simply about survival.

One of my bosses talks about days in terms of winning them and not winning them, e.g., This was a good day, I really won today, and it was all I could think about yesterday.

By 9am I knew the day had beaten me, but I suspect that’s going to happen from time to time.

All because of one adorable newborn who refused to let anyone sleep Tuesday night.

I spent yesterday basically a zombie, trying to figure out one thousand ways to entertain T, who decided that at the age of three weeks, he no longer required naps.

I’m not surprised I produced such a headstrong infant, but still, Theo, Mom’s tired, and when you can’t hold your head up yourself, our activity options are a little limiting.

Luckily, this actually turned out to be a not-too-terrible thing, since T being up all day = T sleeping pretty much all night, except for when he was hungry, and man, I can’t hold that against him.

This morning, JW came into our room to grab him and noted that he only woke up because his alarm went off. I was scared and confused, he admitted.

I admitted I slept through the alarm.

And now, as Theo and I relax and discuss why on earth there is snow falling on the first day of spring, we’re gearing up for a day of getting things done and watching March Madness all afternoon.

No, I didn’t plan my maternity leave around a basketball tournament.

Yes, I’m pretty excited it turned out that way.

Enjoy this one, chickens!



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