March madness and other sporting events

You guys, two nights of sleep in a row.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And now, onto the theme of this day, which is obviously sports.


Theo and I spent the afternoon (and part of the evening, too) watching March Madness, and being pleased that both Michigan State and Uconn made it through with round 2 wins.

Although Uconn didn’t make it easy to be a fan last night, since they bumbled through the first two halves before finally taking (some) control in overtime.

I spent most of the game yelling at the television while Theo slept peacefully. When questioned about if this was a baby appropriate noise level, I explained that he was used to it.

You’ve been yelling like that all day?

No, I’ve being yelling that way at sports since T was conceived. I’m 100% sure he’s cool with it by now.


Also yesterday, JW, T, and I headed into the wide open to check out KD’s first high school soccer game. Girls’ soccer is obviously near and dear to my heart, being the only sport I was ever any good at during soccer. Even better, despite her freshman status, KD managed to make the varsity team in her first go around, played the whole game, and scored.

If I have mentioned it before, I’ll say it again: KD is my role model, and I don’t even care that’s she’s only fifteen. She was my role model when she was six, too.

We also got to hang with the rest of the S family at the game, including my favorite toddler, who has several new tricks. One includes answering questions posed to him in Spanish in either English or Spanish (because he is so advanced), and another one is acting out a gorilla, complete with knuckle dragging and growling:




My yoga studio is essentially the best. I was sitting around the other day when UPS came to deliver another package addressed to Theo (he gets the most mail around here). I received a box from Amazon, opened it up, and was excited to see this, compliments of my pals over at Spring (oh man do I miss you guys, and I can’t wait to get back):



I can’t wait until T can get into happy baby.


Up today: more hanging, book reading, rattle shaking, folk song singing, and in addition, lunch with my pal M, and an afternoon of good weather, walk-taking, and dinner making with my mom and Ky. We’ve got Theo’s first weekend in MI to look forward to, which means Bubba needs a bath and his finest onesies packed this afternoon.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it- it’s supposed to be a real spring day here in Chicago, chickadees!



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