one month in

Morning, chickens!

I have decided to simply ignore the fact that it has snowed here in Chicago, again, in official spring, because I simply cannot face it.

I promise not to complain one bit when the hot weather rolls in, chickadees. I give you my solemn vow.

This weekend was lovely, and included a quick trip to MI so that Theo could meet all of his family from the mitten and hang out with his cousin Sam, who is a role model in cuteness and infant behavior.

It’s good to have people to look up to from the beginning.

Yesterday was a fairly busy day, involving me taking T for his one month appointment at the doctor.

How it’s been a month already, I couldn’t tell you, but I’m trusting the calendar on this one.

It also meant my first solo trip with the piglet in the car, which obviously was a matter of concern for a non-driver such as myself.

So I left an hour early.

And made it there, without incident, in twenty minutes.

I even had time for a visit to the drive through Starbucks en route.

I admit that bringing my baby to the doctor has so far been the thing that makes me feel most like a mom, although I couldn’t really tell you why.

I also admit that I tried to carry the baby carrier in one hand and my dirty chai tea latte in the other, which meant I accidentally ran Theo into the side of a door.

He recovered nicely. It took me a little longer.


Up today: another drive with the bambino, as we have our first visit with my grandma- she’s a great grandmother pro, with Theo coming in as number 7.

Which means I’ll eventually have to face the snow.

Wish me luck, chicks.


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