a life that’s good.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome back to the start of a fresh new set of seven days. We spent the weekend visiting with some of our favorite people (grandmas, grandpas, kettlebell instructors, godparents-to-be, and pals), taking walks, firing up the grill, watching basketball (go UConn!) and enjoying the kind of Sunday weather that makes me truly believe that summer is gonna show up, at some point.

Oh yeah, and we spent lots of time with this guy.


He wasn’t totally sure about this getup, but it was perfect for an almost-but-not-quite-warm walk around the neighborhood.

This week is another big one, with more visits from friends, opportunities to take in some sunshine, and chances to snatch a little sleep when I can, because while I trust that T is doing his five-week-old’s best, his sleeping patterns aren’t quite what I’d call accommodating for adults who only two months ago were accustomed to snoozing all the way through the night, for as many hours as they really pleased.

It might be a good thing that I can barely remember that time now.

If that’s my biggest problem though, chickadees, I don’t have too much to complain about just yet.

Enjoy this one and the sunshine that goes with it, everyone, I predict good things ahead.





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