heating it up

Morning, chickadees!

And welcome to the very-nearly-here weekend, that we all deserve so very much.

We’ve had great weather the past couple of days, and it’s supposed to last through the next two days, and for this, I am thankful.

Theo and I have been able to get out into the sunshine, which really, is making all the difference after a long winter and a hard week.

And it’s making T want to get out of bed even earlier than normal, if such a thing is possible.

photo (13)

Please excuse my messy room and unmade bed, as it six in the morning in this shot. What is important to note is that my once tiny boy is outfitted in something made for a 3 month old.

He’s essentially a toddler.

Who can’t hold his head up.

We’re getting there.

Up this weekend: a long-overdue date with my bffs, organizing everything in my condo, and getting back into the cooking groove since spring is here, which means the farm market is almost open, and my stash of delicious  freezer meals from my pals and my pre-baby self are almost exhausted.

Things are heating up around here chickadees, and I’ve never been so excited.

Get out in that sunshine today, everybody.



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One response to “heating it up

  1. Lindsay

    He is SO cute!

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