visiting day.

Morning, chickens!

We skipped yesterday, since Theo and I had big, big plans that took up most of the day.

I prepped him so well about our outing that I exhausted him just in the explanation, and he slept through his first trip downtown.

I understand completely. The city can be exhausting.

We headed downtown for lunch with my coworkers, which meant a car trip on both the highway and Michigan Avenue.

Prior to Theo, a meltdown would have ensued, but after actually birthing a real live person, I find that I’m feeling slightly more empowered.

Plus I don’t want T to inherit my tendencies to be somewhat of a chicken, so I buck up and chat with him the whole ride, making it seem like No Big Deal.

Which at this point, I’m almost believing.

We made it into a parking structure without any incidents, transferred to the stroller (walking is much more my speed), and took a tour of the Mag Mile before heading into a building full of friendly faces and letting a whole new group of people hold my baby and tell me how cute he is.

We both were fans of that, obviously.

After a long visit in my office, we headed for a stroll around JW’s place of business, where my perfectly behaved (read: passed out) infant performed for a new crop of people.

After a quick outing to the doctor to proclaim me healthy as a horse, we headed home, where T had one more visit with our pal MC before finally calling it a night.

It’s hard to be so popular.

In order to recover from our long day (and the ridiculous April weather), we’re doing this all day long.

photo (14)

Enjoy this one, chickens!


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  1. Great pic! Wish I could do that today…

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