down for the count.

Morning, chickadees!

Over here at Palluzzi-Wagenschutz headquarters, I’m trying to bounce back from a cold that’s knocked me off my feet and straight into a pajamas-and-terrible-television binge.

I spent last night sleeping on the couch, because, you see, I now live with two boys instead of one, and both of them share my room and also have a snoring problem.

Infant snoring: who knew?

I hate colds. I get one every spring when the weather starts wobbling around like a drunk, and it seems this year was no exception.

This means lots of tea, water, breast feeding-approved meds, and trying to convince Theo that he probably should take lots of naps today.

So far it’s working, but only because I think my incessant sneezing is scaring him into sleep.

I’ll take what I can get.

On the upside, I am choosing to believe that we’re finished with the intense cold weather (and the snow- my God, can we be finished with the snow already?!) and that spring is on its way.

And with that, I’m off to make questioning programming decisions until my infant decides the rest of this day’s agenda.






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