the times they are a changin’

Morning, chickadees!

It’s been a busy 48 hours in the second city for our little family, since we had aunts and cousins in town visiting.


This is my cousin Dylan hanging out with Theo. T took an intense liking to him, and spent every second he was with him smiling or chilling out quietly.

I might have to recruit him to come here and be my nanny.

My baby (but not really a baby anymore) cousin E was in town checking out Columbia University, which may mean that come the fall, the Palluzzis gain another member in the Midwest.

I obviously like the sound of that.

Up today: Theo and I hang around, take a serious walk, and get ready for another one of his admirers to show up to meet him (it’s a hard life, being constantly adored).

Also, Boo Bear (yes, I know he will eventually hate this nickname, and no, I’m not worried about it yet) turns two months old today.

I feel like T has been a part of our family forever, but I equally feel like I can’t believe he’s already two months old. I took a picture of him yesterday and felt like he didn’t even look like a baby anymore (this is ridiculous, I know):


See what I mean? At this rate, he’ll be walking by next week.

And with that chickens, I’m off to get some coffee and engage in some serious tummy time.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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