five good things: a nice little weekend edition

Morning chickens!

I’m a little late to the game this morning, since T and I decided after a long night of waking up more than usual, we’d sleep until almost eight.

I just follow his lead, you guys.

In any case, I was thinking that on this particular Friday, it might be good to start the weekend by counting up some of the things that are good. So here they are, and happy you-almost-made-it!

1. Okay, you guys, after explaining that yesterday was T’s 2-month birthday, I thought I’d take a look at his changes over the past 60 days or so of life, and man, there’s a lot to see already. If that’s not a call to slow down and enjoy every day for what it is, I don’t know what is.

photo (16)


photo (15)


2. Michael Pollan wrote a new book about cooking in America, and it’s making me hungry.

It also makes me want to bake bread. Cooked takes an element and uses it as a section for the book (i.e. fire = grilling, water = braising, etc.), and while I’m not quite finished yet, he has convinced me that I should be slow cooking whole hogs.

He’s very persuasive, and if you’re into his other stuff, you should pick this one up.

3. Today is Friday, and the whole weekend is stretched out with only a few concrete plans. Despite the fact that we have a baby, and you would think we just spend any spare time staring into his cute little face (we wish this was how we spent our time), we’ve actually gotten pretty busy over here, and I’m relieved to have a relaxing little weekend (says the girl with the spreadsheet about what we want to get done this weekend. Theo, you’re on bathroom cleaning duty).

4. This, if you haven’t seen it, which I bet you have (but you probably want to check it out again for a laugh):

5. And finally, starting this weekend is one of my annual conferences, which I’m obviously not headed to this year (Theo’s technically been to Dallas in utero and would prefer a new city for his first work trip), but is, generally, a very good and fun thing that’s the fruit of many months of labor. So good luck to everyone headed there this weekend, and have a (couple) drinks for me!


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