fattening them up and turning it around.

Morning, chickadees!

Yesterday was another busy one, with a trip to the doctor (weight checks and shots) and a couple of visitors.

Theo was not a fan of those vaccinations, despite my explanation that they’re critical in eradicating epidemics, and he spend most of the night sleeping it off and squawking angrily in my direction.

I understand the sentiment.

He’s back to his wriggly, smiling self this morning, so I think he’s come around to my logic.


Upon the conclusion of the doctor’s visit, I like to text people to let them know how big T is, since I am generally using that as the single most critical factor in my success as a mother at this point.

T is growing great, which for him means that he’s almost 10 lbs. However, it seems from his chart that he weighs less than 95% of other babies his age, which means I’ve birthed a peanut.

This news led to his Aunt Jennie and his Aunt Ky asking what they could do to fatten him up. Their suggestions (respectively) were avocados and “meats” (no specifics, though).

This led to me in hysterics as I imagined offering T a salami stick.

Although I bet he’d love it.


Also yesterday: one of my bffs, KK, called me in what seemed to be a semi panic. KK is a pediatrician and one of my dearest friends who I met in Rome, which means she’s my sister for life, even when we don’t see each other.

Her baby-to-be is also misbehaving in his fetal positioning, and she called to ask me about my methods for flipping him around.

I explained all the weird things, starting with the acupuncture and ending with the chiropractor adjustments.

We moved on in conversation (in which in an attempt to make her laugh I admitted I’d been calling Baby K Buddy, even though it’s her dog’s name), and then I remembered the energy work.

“The energy worker told me Theo was afraid he wouldn’t hear my voice if he flipped,” I explained.

“Did the energy worker know how loud you were?” Dr. K inquired.

Good point.

I explained some more about this process, until K stopped me.

“I can’t believe we’re having a for real conversation about energy workers right now,” she noted.

After a decade of conversations about college, boys, traveling Europe, marriages, families, and growing up, it is a measure of how far you’ve come as friends when you find yourself discussing whether or not energy work might flip your breech babies.

Thank God for friends like this.

And flip around, Buddy (the baby).



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  1. Karla K.

    Thank you for making me laugh so hard I cried reading this. Love ya and thanks to the energy workers for keeping it real here with the laughs 🙂

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