sign me up to play.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to halfway through the week.

I wish the sun would show up at some point.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon showing water heater men in and out of my condo building to give us estimates on a new unit.

Our condo association is self managed, and man, do we have some go-getters in our little complex. People are constantly volunteering to fix things, lay down grass, shovel snow, and hire “guys” to come in and paint or clean carpets.

I can’t even properly operate the blinds in my living room.


I’m fairly used to heavily depending on a landlord or JW (or my favorite- a combination of both) to take care of my in-building issues.

I’m not very handy.

And as for outside work, well, I threw a gigantic tantrum when I was sixteen regarding my feelings on picking up sticks in the yard (an actual chore) and raking, and proclaimed I was finished with my budding career as a landscaper.

There was feet stomping.

You can ask my father for confirmation, as it is one of his favorite stories to tell.

These facts, coupled with the reality that I spent the terrible winter pregnant and couldn’t pull my (sizable) weight shoveling were all points against me.

In summary, what I’m saying is that I don’t bring much to our capable little team of home owners.

And I like to be a team player.

So I volunteered to shuttle potential water-heater-installers in and out of my building, since I’m home with Theo.

But first I needed JW to show me where the water heater was.

And how to open the appropriate doors to get there.

Yes, you guys, I need dress rehearsals for this sort of thing.

I am happy to report that I was able to guide all three visitors to the container I’ve been told ia a water heater, and that I believe I may have even answered their questions correctly.

I only struggled with the lock once, got my feet soaked traipsing through a wet outdoor space, and had one encounter where Theo screamed for ten minutes over an explanation of the benefits of a maintenance program.

Put me in, chickadees.

And someone please teach me to use those blinds.


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