everything’s rising to the top

Morning, chickens!

I’m eagerly awake this morning, awaiting the temperature climb that everyone’s been promising me for days.

T and I have some serious time to spend outside, should this weather actually show its face.

Yesterday was a good sign, which meant a long walk to the library with my mom and the baby in the sunshine.

Also, Theo attended his first session of book club at our pal MC’s, which involved snacks, white wine, wedding chat, baby questions, life updates, and not really one single sentence about books.

This happens sometimes, and does not make me love book club one smidge less.

Plus, I’ve got a pretty significant pile-up of books right now, so literary recommendations can wait until next month.

Things really have a way of working themselves out.

Up today: warm weather, T meets the woman at daycare who will be hanging with him while I’m at work (the fact that I love her and that she’s Tobin-approved is really making this all much easier), and I hunker down with a stack of thank you cards and dive right back into The Bully Pulpitbecause I have promised myself I’ll finish this latest T. Roosevelt volume before I go back to the world of work and public transit (note: 700 page books on the El are considered obnoxious…and heavy).

Also- waiting for my sleepy infant to wake up from his new favorite spot to snooze in the morning (in my bed, with a blanket, on his side: all the things he’s not allowed to do, the kid’s a rebel):

photo (23)

This is going to be a good one chickens, I can feel it.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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