warm up for the big event

Morning, chickadees!

The sun is out, the temperature’s climbing, and T is babbling and swinging at some wild animals while I drink coffee.

He has no time to cuddle when there are plush animals to grab at on his mat and cackling noises to make.

He’s the most productive member of this family, it turns out.

Last night, we took a ride to Theo’s new daycare digs, where we met with A, a woman who I adore and makes it one million times easier to go back into the land of meetings and PowerPoint.

I wish I was the one heading to A’s every day.

Perhaps I could convince Theo to take an early interest in association management.


This weekend we’re lucky enough to have JW’s parents in town to celebrate Mother’s Day, so I’m looking forward to another busy couple of days. Since summer’s on its way, our calendar is filling up with concerts, parties, and celebrations, and we couldn’t be more excited to have a new little guy to share it all with this time around.

I’ve never been so happy to see summer make its appearance.

Theo shares my sentiments, and who can blame him?

photo (26)


Enjoy this one, chickadees- it’s a beautiful day out there!


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One response to “warm up for the big event

  1. Diana Zajic

    He is so cute! I need to meet him!

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