turning up the heat on this one.

Morning, chickens!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I refuse to comment on the heat, since I promised after a winter full of polar vortexes, I wouldn’t complain about summer weather.

Theo, however, who was born in a polar vortex, was not sure how he felt about weather above 70 degrees, and decided that wearing clothes in such temperatures was ill-advised.

photo (27)

I couldn’t argue with him. I’d join him if I could, but I’m pretty sure that we’d get some wayward stares in our direction.

My mom and I also busted out a significantly long walk yesterday, in which we realized that four miles in 90 degree heat maybe wasn’t our best move.

I have my first tan lines of the season though, and we did get to have drinks and dinner out on the patio, so overall, I count the inaugural, really-warm-guess-we’re-not-having-a-spring-again Chicago day as a wild success.

Today the weather around here is still warm (but in a far more toned down way), but rainier, so we’ll be spending the day being inside and getting ready for visitors- Theo’s plan is to rest up for tonight’s hockey game.

photo (28)


Enjoy this one, chickadees, and welcome to the weekend!


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