last one is a good one.

Morning, chickens!

Baby T and I are spending the last week of my maternity leave snuggled up before I face the reality that I’m headed back to work next week.

To be honest, I’m not particularly dreading the return to my office and my structure and my coworkers. I certainly will not miss being the Boss of the laundry around here.

I am not pleased that I will have to give up so many hours with this guy though.

photo (29)

In other news: we had a lovely, lovely weekend which included visits from family, JW’s first delicious attempt at a frittata (who knew that was his hidden talent?), long walks, and you guys, the opening of the farm market, which officially means the gd polar vortex is finally, officially over.

I made that up, but I think it sounds fairly legit.

photo (30)

Warm weather and the end of crazy, freezing temperatures is pretty much my favorite thing. However, the thermometer might have risen a little fast for my son, who was born in February and has zero patience for being overheated.

We’ve been in a diaper only situation since last week, and we finally caved and threw on our central air last night.

I couldn’t look at this face anymore.

photo (31)

And with that, chickadees, we’re off to get started on breakfast, tiger hunting (that’s all Theo), and getting ready for a morning walk. Enjoy this one!


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  1. Theo is so freaking cute! Hope the transition back to work is a smooth one for you. I’m already dreading it and our baby isn’t even here yet!!

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