busy days and celebrations

Yesterday, Theo and I busted out seven miles around town on a couple of walks, visited with my new pal K and her adorable six week old daughter, had lunch with my mom, and met up with JW to hit KD’s high school regional game (where they not only won, but KD managed a hat trick).

Now that’s a day.

Also, despite the fact that I couldn’t stay up for the third period, when I woke up at 3am to feed T, I saw the news that we won the game in overtime.

On to the next series.

Right after the last series win, my parents were at my house and my father and I were discussing the next game.

“What next game?” my mother asked. “Didn’t they win?”

After explaining that they won one of the series necessary to make it into the next round, my mother was slightly confused.

“I thought they won the Stanley Cup!” they said.

We laughed and asked if she had noticed that people weren’t cheering like we’d won the championship.

“Well, I celebrated like we won the Stanley Cup!”

Two more series until we can actually have that celebration around here, with a repeat of my mom’s performance, hopefully. Theo’s dreaming that will happen.

photo (28)

Fingers crossed chickens. Enjoy this one!



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