and next up we have a party.

You guys, it’s Friday.

Which means I have two days before the end of my maternity leave, which I will have mixed feelings about always.

So let’s breeze over it.

Far more important is that today is my bff’s birthday. I’ve been hanging with JC since she was JD (not that long ago, really), and also, for the last eleven birthdays.

We started the last decade together, and I’m happy to report that we’re sailing into this next one (and hopefully many, many more) side by side.

Nothing could make me happier.

JC makes me laugh on the regular, entertains every last ridiculous thing I do with good humor, and has been with me countless times to ensure our adventures don’t turn into (total) disasters. She’s selfless, loyal, and smart.

She also has the best hair.

An important friendship quality.

First she was my friend, then she was my roommate, now she’s basically my sister, and her next move, she’s Theo’s godmother.

Because I couldn’t think of anyone better to look out for my little guy.

JC will stick to you like glue, chicks, because she’s the best kind of friend out there.



We tackled serious (and really fun) things this decade: college, trekking across Europe, life after college, first jobs, engagements, weddings, vacations, and becoming (semi) real adults.

The next set of ten has some high expectations, chickadees, but I’m partnered up with the best girl to take the leap with me.

Enjoy every second of this celebration, JC. You deserve it, la mora!


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