all the good things are here.

Morning, chickens!

I am here to report that yesterday was not bad at all. I was happy to lay eyes on my coworkers, put on real clothes, and come home to my sweet baby at the end of the day.

I explained my guilt over not being too emotional about my return to work, and my wise friend MC looked me in my eyes and said something to the effect of “I think that we shouldn’t feel badly for feeling the wrong feelings.”

She’s one of the smartest people in that village I mentioned yesterday.

Also yesterday: big, awesome news!

My two dear friends MC (a different one than above, just as smart) and MM were engaged last night, and we had a party to celebrate.


Sorry that this is a phone picture, and that my arm’s in it, but I have no time to be cropping things this morning.

Also: you may notice MC’s shirt looks a little dirty, which is simply because her sister pelted her with silly string upon her arrival to the event.

It didn’t come out as easy as we had hoped.

However, it was great to be on scene right after the engagement, and I am so excited for the next wedding rolling our way.

So is Theo, who of course made an appearance at the bar, because it turns out we’ve decided to be those kind of parents.

And we’re cool with that.

And now, I’m off to finish up, jet out of here, and work through another day. Enjoy the sunshine, chickens!


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