Getting into it.

Morning, chickadees!

Just a quick one today, as I’m still figuring out how to get this whole little family up and out the door on time.

I believe we know I’ve never been good at being punctual.

And someone is a lazy bones.


T started daycare this week, and I’m back in the swing of things at work, and from this, I have a few observations:

1. It is a guarantee that I will get home and T will be starving. This means a baby pass off, in which JW tosses Theo to me, I feed him, and then he throws up all over my work clothes.

Got me again, little baby.

2. While in a perfect world T would hang in a cube with me all day, sending him to A’s all day hasn’t been too painful. A bonus: A big hug from my godson Tobin every morning when I show up with the baby. He also kisses T several times and calls him “my baby” all day. 

What’s cuter than that?

3. Coming home to my baby is so much more exciting than any other work activity.

Including happy hour.

I know.

4. I’m about to boycott meetings. I absolutely did not miss a meeting on maternity leave.

And with that, I’m off to get Boo ready to head out and to battle the Disney magnet school parents for a parking spot.

Yesterday, I somehow ended up in the student drop off lane.

I was student-less.

Some things never change, chickens.


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