making it the best we can

Morning chickadees!

I apologize for the interruption while my 14-week old, JW, and I continue to figure out what our morning looks like and how we get it all in.

For the entirety of my childhood, whenever my mother failed me (you know, by being two minutes late or not getting me everything I wanted or insisting I call when I got there), I always rolled my eyes and she always said, “I’m doing the best I can.”

Which led to another eye roll.

But Mom, I get it.

It’s our family creed over here.

This past weekend, which is already days away, was another good one. We relaxed, shopped, watching baseball games, yoga-d, and took Boo to the beach for the first time.

He liked everything except when I dipped his feet in the freezing cold lake, but you know, I can’t blame him for that one.


As you can see, my parents have procured a baby-sized tent to keep my barely-Italian child out of the sun, since his father has decided it is inevitable that I will allow our little guy to get a sunburn.

Which means I will now go to any lengths to ensure his father is not right.

As you can see, a bonus of this tent is that it also fits smaller-than-normal thirty year old moms.

I love when things come with a bonus.

Also this week: Boo has finally started sleeping in his crib, which means that I’m not rooming with two snoring boys and additionally, I’m getting way more sleep because not every tiny thrashing that Theo makes requires my immediate attention.

He seems to like his roomier digs, and two nights in, I’ve already quit checking on him to make sure he’s breathing twenty times a night.

I’m down to five times.

A massive improvement.

And with that, I’m off to get us ready for our day- enjoy this one chickens!


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